Van Gogh the Gamer

Cartoon inspired after visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. He was actually a very productive painter, producing over two thousand artworks in a decade. So, sorry van Gogh, just a parody. My niece bought the cartoon about Van Gogh, Vincent, by Barbara Stok. It was really good (I cried a bit). His brother, Theo, supported him […]

Random Alarm for Challenge

A great tip by Lolly Daskal. Challenge yourself to raise the bar in whatever you are doing, whenever a random alarm goes off.  For example, if you are talking to someone and the alarm goes off, focus on going deeper.  Or, if you are working on a project, think of ways to streamline the process. Etc. […]

The Gambling Habit

I am listening to “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duihgg on audible. The chapter I am currently reading describes how a typical homemaker, who never had any addiction problem became heavily indebted with gambling. It’s very scary to see how she gradually became a destructive gambler. Throughout the book the author describes how a […]

Talking in brackets

Click on image to enlarge… read the whole bracket logic to see if I got it right. Did I!? It reminds me of programming class. I was looking for a mystery book and “Daughter of Time” came up (by Josephine Tey). I’ve never heard of her so I started googling about her and on wikipedia […]

A Horrible Thing

I burst out laughing reading pg. 200 of Dr. Burns’ famous book “Feeling Good” so I had to draw it. It’s one of thebest self help book (and no. 1 amazon best seller in Depression) I’ve read.