Yay my first vector art on Dreamstime!!

Tuesday morning I woke up with a surprise in my inbox:

“Congratulations, your image has been approved and will be available online soon. Please note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for the image to show up in all areas of the website.”

I gasped “OMG” and my boyfriend got concerned and asked me “what’s going on!?”. I told him what happened and he said “many more to come!” (he is such a sweet, encouraging boyfriend!). I was telling him how I was feeling discouraged because “so many” of my submissions were recently rejected. He asked me how many and I said “4…or 5”. He of course rolled his eyes. I need to keep trying!

Here is the chess board pattern I submitted to dreamstime that got accepted in 2 days! If you’d like to purchase it please click on the image.

Illustrator Chess Board Pattern
Illustrator Chess Board Pattern

Now need to practice illustrator more and more an more to get more and more and more published on microstock site! This is my first big step to the journey to become a freelance illustrator :)

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