My earning so far on Microstock dreamstime site

Slowly but steadily…I’m increasing my income! So far I earned $7.01 from direct image sale. I also got $5 from bonus signup. Not bad, eh?

Yesterday someone downloaded my “buy high sell low” image…do you get it? It’s called “bad investments”. I think this is the first in history that someone made money by buying high and selling low. I’m going to make the standard “buy low sell high” image and upload it shortly. I have a feeling they will reject me on the basis of “Too many photos/illustrations on the same subject or from the same series. Your submission should not duplicate content already in your portfolio or content which you plan to upload separately in the future (ie. collages based on your images).”

I registered for dreamstime January of this year so I am hoping to earn at least $20 by the end of the year. I should be done with my work-related exam (crossing my finger) this year so hopefully next year I will be freelancing more.

My popular stock images on Dreamstime

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