Keyboard for Wacom Cintiq Tablet

Since I got my wacom cintiq companion tablet I’ve been soooooo productive. especialy after I got this awesome wacom cintiq tablet I’ve been super duper productive. On average I spend couple of hours a day cartooning – I think I’ll reach my 10,000 hours of training soon (or not…I stopped keeping track on toggl). Anyway, the CINTIQ companion has been working great, I find it so easy to draw. I usually split the windows – google image search on the left and drawing software like Illustrator on the right). It makes drawing figures and objects much easier, compared to the time when I used an IPAD to draw images from when I used to use the Citntiq 12wx. The wacom keyboard slides into the cintiq companion leather case that it came with. It’s pretty A W E S O M E !!

my wacom cintiq companion with my new keyboard

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