Personal Finance Cartoon Series: Year-End Bonus

First Year End Bonus Cartoon

After I graduated from university, I lived back home and luckily I didn’t have to pay rent or pay back a student loan. So I just saved bonuses as cash.  Looking back, I could’ve started investing in the stock market, but those concepts are new to me.

If I were a millennial now, with lots of student loan, if I get a lump sum cash (like a year end bonus), I would:

(1) Save it as cash if I don’t have any emergency savings
(2) Make a lump sum payment to a loan with a highest interest
(3) If there’s anything left over, invest
(4) Treat yourself with a cupcake

What did you do with your very first year end bonus?
I remember buying a very nice hat for my mom but she never wore it. I am the worst shopper.

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