Job Interview and Credit Score

According to this huffington post article, credit check on job applicants are increasing in Canada (but being clamped down in US) Other situations where you could become that deer in the headlight if you have bad credit: applying for a loan/mortgage/credit card applying for a rental (“Credit Check/References required”) obtaining new cell phone/utilities (you might […]

Investing in Index Funds

If you have enough cash to invest, and not sure what to do, you can listen to one of the richest man’s advice. His name is Warren Buffett. Buffett has long advised his followers to stick to low-cost, passive index funds, which can offer broad exposure to the stock market and cost a fraction of […]

Banking Devil

Aim to reach a high score – not just for tests and games, but the credit score. Having a bad credit score could cost you a lot of money. Without a good credit score it will be harder for you to get: a loan, mortgage, credit card a good interest rate when you’re borrowing money rental […]