Need to take in-class Adobe Illustrator course – again!

I’ve been trying to play around with Adobe Illustrator for the last couple of months since I’ve been helping my coworkers/friends design their company logo. I’m also trying to design a logo for my foodblog site – right now I’m not satisfied with it.  I’m ok with drawing the concept etc but when actually trying to implement it in illustrator I have to constantly research on the web for Illustrator tips which is a bit time consuming. So I have made a firm decision to take an evening or weekend Adobe Illustrator course in Vancouver. Looking at several colleges, it appears they are in the range of $350 – $450.  Here are some schools that offer them – if you know any other, please let me know! Unfortunately it appears all classes have started at the end of January, so I just missed their first few classes.  I’ll keep an eye out so I won’t miss the next registration.

Adobe Illustrator Course around Vancouver

BCIT Adobe Illustrator Course – I have taken this course before (6 years ago! yikes) and the instructor was really good. I would take the Feb 24th one but the only thing is it’s offered on Friday night. I sometimes have to work late Fridays so it won’t work well with my schedule.

Langara College – I heard good things about Langara, too bad the class just started. I hope the next one is coming soon.

Vancouver Community College – I’ve never taken a course here but it looks like it’s one of the cheapest @ $350. I missed the cutoff again. Dang.

Emily Carr – is the “art school” of Vancouver! They are offering the illustrator class for a cheaper price tag, @ $375. I again missed the cut off and the next one is not until June :(

So it looks like I should keep an eye out on Langara & VCC for the next cohort.  If you know of any other colleges, please let me know!


Comics & Cartoons

Caricature of Warren Buffett with Adobe Illustrator

Here’s a caricature of Warren Buffett that I did with Adobe Illustrator.

Warren Buffett Caricature
Warren Buffett Caricature

If you don’t know him…he’s one of the richest man in the world, solely by investing in others’ business (i.e. purchasing stocks and becoming shareholders). I think it’s something like if you invested $10,000 with him back in the 60s or 70s your investment would’ve grown A LOT (like tens of millions).

His investment strategies are simple, and his down to earth nature attracts a lot of admirers. I recommend reading his bios.


Illustrator tip – when you get the error message…

When you try to save your beautiful illustrator production by using “Save for Web”, you might get the error message “image exceeds the Size Save for Web”. Check this blog out, it teaches you to bypass this!