Short Selling Cartoon (Election 2016)

Election 2016 result and market reaction cartoon

Most of the media predicted a downfall in the stock market if Trump won, but Dow Jones hit all time high after Trump Victory. I wonder if there were many shortsellers.
I don’t do short selling (too scared) but I bought one gold stock.  My gold stock didn’t go up at all, it actually fell down a bit.  Short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit (from Investopedia).  So if you thought Trump would win and that market would tank (since it’s not the status quo anymore) you may have short sold and your reaction would be like the above cartoon…because short selling wants the market to tank. That way they can buy back stocks for cheap and return them. BUT it comes with a lot of risk, because the sky is the limit in terms of stock price. You have to eventually buy back a stock you short sold, so if price keeps going up, that makes the short sellers react like the above cartoon.


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Angry Old Man

Angry Old ManAngry Old Man

I encountered lots of angry old clients when our company’s interface got updated. They were quite nasty and verbally violent…


Benefits of Smiling

Benefits of SmilingThis cartoon was inspired from reading Scott Adams’ book “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life“. This is just one of the many helpful tips in the book. It’s one of the best “Self-Help” book I’ve read (and I read many). From Eating Well to Business Writing, he writes about how he failed forward to implement various systems in his life to design a happy, successful life.

Scott Adams is the author of Dilbert cartoons.

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Van Gogh the Gamer

Van Gogh the GamerCartoon inspired after visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. He was actually a very productive painter, producing over two thousand artworks in a decade.
So, sorry van Gogh, just a parody.
My niece bought the cartoon about Van Gogh, Vincent, by Barbara Stok. It was really good (I cried a bit). His brother, Theo, supported him a lot (financially and emotionally). He died also very young shortly after Vincent committed suicide.