Boo! Rejected by dreamstime :( would appreciate any critique…

My colorful cupcake vector file got rejected by dreamstime :(
Here’s the reason

Poor execution. Please pay more attention to rough/jagged/faceted lines/curves. Lines and curves should be smooth, not aliased, in order to best serve the concept of the image.)
– Poor execution, please pay more attention to the details. For illustrations, please look for: poorly traced/auto-traced and scanned images, noise and innacurate texturing on 3D renders, too simplistic works, faceted curves, aliased/jagged lines, banding effect on gradients, open paths (vectors), noise/distorted pixels on various textures and images used within the illustration, moiree due to downsampling. For photography (collages,panoramic stitches, text on photo) please improve the technical execution (distorted pixels, noise, blendings, DOF, etc.) as well as overall atention to detail, in order to best serve the concept of the image.

I thought this was one of my best executed work so I was surprised with this rejection. I guess I still have a lot to learn, but now I need your help! Any suggestions where I messed up?

Colorful Cupcakes - vector art
Colorful Cupcakes - vector art that got rejected by dreamstime
  • vallepu


    Good work, seems the reason given by DT is not correct.
    Even i have got few rejection with the same reason, still not sure what is the exact fault with my images..

  • cupcaketoons

    Hi Vallepu! Thank you for your reply. Yeah I sometimes feel it all depends on the person who is reviewing the file. One of my simplest work was accepted (the buy high sell low diagram…) and other times the same style got rejected. I guess there is a luck factor as well! Good luck with your work :)

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