Festival du Bois

I had lots of fun at the Festival du Bois – the largest french-canadian festival in BC. It’s held every year around this time of the year in Maillardville, which is in Coquitlam, BC, with the largest French Canadian (or Canadien!) population in BC. One thing I loved the most is the hot maple syrup candie, made by rolling boiling hot maple syrup on snow! SoooOOOOOO good. Charming Quebecois singing men were giving these out for $2 / bar! Yum yum

Caricature of mom and dad

I was feeling a bit homesick today so I drew my mom and dad’s caricature. I sent it to them I wonder what they will think! I personally like it :)

caricature of my mom and dad

I haven’t been drawing for a while…but this quote…

This quote I found on the page http://blog.drawn.ca/post/2928350595/the-advice-i-like-to-give-young-artists-or really motivated me again…I just have to start drawing again :)  I landed on this page after finally trying out twitter, and somehow ended up on Sherm Cohen’s tweet.  I didn’t know who he was but he is a storyboard artist and of course I find out he is one of the artist of my favourite show Phineas and Ferb :D Great advice from the two gurus!

Here is what I started to draw after reading his advice:

drawing with my wacom tablet is super fun!