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It’s International Bacon Day!

So it seems like we celebrate something every day…but today is special because it’s International Bacon Day!

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Drinking Alone

Drinking Alone Cartoon

I’m hooked on tapas type dishes these days, and Ajillo is one of them. It’s so easy, plus it’s low carb.  Ajillo is a Spanish word meaining “Garlic flavored”.  In an Ajillo dish, you gently fry any ingredient you like in a garlic & chili infused olive oil.

Recipe for Oyster Ajillo

Garlic (as much as you like. sliced or whole)
Olive Oil (fill up 1/3 – 1/2 of the pan you are using)
red chilli flakes or whole, to taste
Oyster (I bought a tub of shucked oyster from Superstore)

In very low heat, warm up olive oil, garlic and chili.  There are pots made for ajillo, but any small pot would do. Clay pot or cast iron pans are nice to cook with. I put lots of garlic. Once the garlic bubbles through, gently fry the oyster until it becomes puffy.  I like eating off the cooked oyster in the kitchen while it’s hot.  Dip bread in the oyster-garlic-infused oil. You’ll be in heaven! Leftover oil can be eaten at other days, with sliced breads. It becomes a perfect appetizer. I also fried some rice with the leftover oil and it was really good!

A pot designed for ajillo looks like this:

Ajillo is very popular in Japan, and the Japanese amazon sells pans designed for ajillo.


How to Make Japanese Style Salted Salmons




How-to-Make-Japanese-Salted-Salmon_002_03 How-to-Make-Japanese-Salted-Salmon_002_05 How-to-Make-Japanese-Salted-Salmon_002_06

I love salted Japanese salmons but they only sell them at Fujiya in Vancouver. I’m too lazy to drive there so found a recipe online. It’s super easy and cheaper.

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Maple Syrup Ebook Out Now

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