Progesterone Shots

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Progesterone shots darn hurt!! The injection itself doesn’t hurt, but in the late afternoon the injected area hurts so bad.  Massaging myself for 5 minutes right after the injection like a Japanese beef steak and putting a heat pad helped a lot. Apparently the progesterone oil forms a knot that causes the pain and the massage helps the oil spread out. I should add this Japanese massage chair and heating pad to my IVF gift registry.

Perspective on IVF Treatment

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Ronald McDonald House is a charity organization that provides homes for out-of-town families who need to travel from afar to get special medical treatment for their sick children. Here is a link to the BC & Yukon one, and they are in most major cities.

IVF Fertility Treatment Gift Regisry

What would be on your registry?

According to this article on, it’s a new trend to have a Fertility Treatment Gift Registries.

I don’t have a fertility registry, nor do I plan to make one, but if you feel like donating, click below lol :) !