My phone says I’ve shown interest in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry…geez it was just the one article I read!!

Van Gogh the Gamer

Van Gogh the GamerCartoon inspired after visiting the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. He was actually a very productive painter, producing over two thousand artworks in a decade.
So, sorry van Gogh, just a parody.
My niece bought the cartoon about Van Gogh, Vincent, by Barbara Stok. It was really good (I cried a bit). His brother, Theo, supported him a lot (financially and emotionally). He died also very young shortly after Vincent committed suicide.

Talking in brackets



Click on image to enlarge… read the whole bracket logic to see if I got it right. Did I!? It reminds me of programming class.

I was looking for a mystery book and “Daughter of Time” came up (by Josephine Tey). I’ve never heard of her so I started googling about her and on wikipedia I encountered the above quote, which I thought was cool