A Horrible Thing

I burst out laughing reading pg. 200 of Dr. Burns’ famous book “Feeling Good” so I had to draw it. It’s one of thebest self help book (and no. 1 amazon best seller in Depression) I’ve read.

Drinking Alone

I’m hooked on tapas type dishes these days, and Ajillo is one of them. It’s so easy, plus it’s low carb.  Ajillo is a Spanish word meaining “Garlic flavored”.  In an Ajillo dish, you gently fry any ingredient you like in a garlic & chili infused olive oil. Recipe for Oyster Ajillo Garlic (as much […]


I used to lots of fad diets when I was in high school…it was almost like dieting was my hobby.  The weirdest one I did was the apple-diet. I read it on this comic book by Noriko Sasaki: The technique is to just eat apples for three days. I only lasted for breakfast and lunch. […]