BC Storm 2016 and Carbon Tax

BC Storm 2016 and Carbon Tax

It’s snowing again today! It’s beautiful!
Do we really need carbon tax? It’s really cold. Is there really global warming?
Also I don’t want to pay more tax :(

Vancouver House Party Cartoon

Vancouver House Party

This conversation topic never fails in Vancouver! It always generates a heated argument.

Vancouverite perception of Housing Market

Vancouver Housing Market Cartoon (Vancouverite’s Perception)

Canadian Housing / Real Estate has been a hot topic for YEARS, especially Vancouver’s.
Sites like this one has been predicting a housing correction for years, but since I permanently moved to Vancouver in 2005, it just keeps going up up up.
My husband I bought a place last year, and we feared we were the “Greatest Fool”, but apparently housing price went up by 20% since last year.
This is insanity!

I can’t predict what the future of Vancouver real estate is, but what’s certain is if you run out of smalltalk at a party in Vancouver, bring up the subject and you’ll likely spark a heated conversation, just like the reddit comments this cartoon garnered.

You can purchase this cartoon from here, if you’d like to use it on your materials.