Are chicken wings low carb?

It depends. There are low carb ones and that aren’t. What makes the difference? If it’s battered or not.

Last night I had battered chicken wings, so my sugar level shot up. Usually I would …

Milestone's Mediterranean Chicken

Thursday’s low carb Lunch & Dinner

Thursday was awesome, I got two treats!
For lunch, I went to my favourite Milestones restaurant with my coworker.
I ordered the

Milestone's Mediterranean Chicken
Milestone's Mediterranean Chicken

and my coworker ordered Milestone’s classic

Milestone's Chicken Portabello Mushroom
Milestone's Chicken Portabello Mushroom

Milestone’s Chicken Portabello Mushroom. I …

low carb chicken karaage

Low Carb Chicken Karaage!

Chicken Karaage is my favourite food – Japanese boneless fried chicken, is what it is. Now that I’m diabetic I can’t eat it anymore, because it’s usually battered with flours. I put a spin around it and made this low …