low carb chocolate okara cake in the rice cooker

Easy Low Carb Okara chocolate cake in a ricecooker

I tried making some okara choclate cake in the ricecooker today.

The original recipe is from this nice Japanese lowcarber’s site. She however didn’t say how much cocoa or chocolate she used in the recipe, so I eyeballed it. Also I added way more sugar subsitiute than she did.

Low Carb Okara Chocolate cake
Okara – 200g
Da Vinci sugar free syrup – 1/3 cup at least
Cocoa Powder – eyeballed it – put it in until the batter turned brown
4 eggs
Baking Powder – 2 teaspoon

Mix ingredients well, and since I’m lazy

low carb chocolate okara cake in the rice cooker
low carb chocolate okara cake in the rice cooker

of course I mixed everything in the rice cooker 🙂 ! Rest is easy, I just put the switch on the rice cooker and wait about 20 minutes. My ricecooker is the zojirushi brand so it has the quick mode which is very handy.

It’s not as fancy as this one though lol. My friend was moving back to Japan so got it for free, yay! I like the zojirushi brand, they are very reliable (and of course it’s from Japan!). Zojirushi brand breadmakers are popular too on the web, but I haven’t bought one yet. It’s a bit pricy and so far I’ve been satisfied with my lazy low carb bread in the microwave.

And here it is! My

low carb chocolate okara cake in the rice cooker
low carb chocolate okara cake in the rice cooker

first attempt of the low carb okara chocolate cake using the ricecooker! Easy, peasy, and no mess! It was pretty good. One thing I would change is to add a lot more cocoa powder. It lacked the chocolate-ness to be called a chocolate cake.



Okara has 15g of net carbs per 1 cup. That seems a lot. But according to the Japan Tofu Association (yes of course they exist!) Per 100g of okara, there’s only 2.3 g of net carbs. That make Okara an ideal low carb food.

Where can you get Okara

That’s why it’s so cheap – the 300g package I buy from the Japanese grocery store in Vancouver is only 75 cents!

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