lazy low carb bread in 1 min!

Lazy Low Carb Bread in 1 minute

Bread – was the most difficult thing to find a low carb substitute for. My low carb diet has been pretty successful.  I like meat and salads and they are very low carb. However, without rice / bread it was hard for me to stop eating at the right moment. I would keep eating more steak, more chicken, more whatever protein I was eating and although those food group didn’t cause a glucose spike, it kept my sugar level moderately high for the rest of the day or during my sleep.

I found couple of cool recipes for a low carb bread like this one but it takes 20 minutes to bake, and also it breaks quite easily and I wasn’t really able to make a sandwich out of it.  So, after a lot of experiment (and eating lots of sandwiches that fell into pieces – leaving lots of focaccia seeds on the floor) I think I perfected a really yummy and portable lazy low carb bread!

lazy low carb bread in 1 min!
lazy low carb bread in 1 min!










Here’s my recipe:


Flax seed meal 3/4 cup
1 egg
Baking Powder – 1 tablespoon
Parmesan cheese or any cheese 1/4cup
Salt – 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon
Garlic Powder – 1 teaspoon – 1 tablespoon, depending on how strong you like it
1/4 cup olive oil
less than 1/4 cup of water

These are honestly, very adjustable. The more cheese you add the more resistant and bread-like consistency you’ll get. The cheese melts and acts like a sticking agent (which I guess the gluten normally does). But if you add more cheese your carb count will increase – 1 oz is 1 g of net carbs.


Mix all dry ingredients well. Add egg, olive oil, and add water slowly and stop when it becomes easy to mix the mixture. You might not need to add the whole water in. The dough should be spreadable on a silicon mat (I, of course use LeKue!) Double the ingredients to fit in a silicon bread pan like

Heat in microwave for 1 – 2 minutes, depending on the power of your microwave. Wait until it cools down, then slice it (or cut it, if you spread it thin on the mat). Should make about 4 large slices.

lowcarb lazy bread with leKue
lowcarb lazy bread with leKue

This picture is using the small lekue pouch. It makes the bread very thick.  So I like using the large size lekue and spread the dough as much as possible – that way the bread becomes really thin and it can even be used as pizza crust like

yum yum low carb pizza
yum yum low carb pizza

this! I was so used to eating my low carb pizza with fork and knife, when I was able to eat pizza with my hands on the couch – I seriously broke into tears! …yes, my boyfriend says I’m a drama queen.

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