Low Carb Cheesy Dinner Rolls

I’ve posted many low carb bread recipes but most of them turn out to be dry. This recipe I’m posting is very moist, well the main ingredients are cheese so go figure!
I got the original recipe from peaceloveandlowcarb.com while searching for a low carb chicken pot pie recipe. After failing to stretch the file crust part of the recipe, I just rolled it up in a ball and baked it as directed, and it was really really good! It has a soft and moist texture which I haven’t been able to attain with other recipes. I also simplified the ingredients. From her recipe, I removed the onion powder and italian seasoning (because I didn’t have them in my pantry).  And they were still yummy 🙂 The only difference is that instead of stretching the dough to make it into a pie top for the pot pie, I divided them into 8 little pieces and rolled them up and baked them in the oven.   Even my husband said “it was pretty good”. He’s usually very critical of my low carb baked goods.

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