low carb vanilla coconut cookie

Low Carb Coconut Vanilla Cookie

low carb vanilla coconut cookie
low carb vanilla coconut cookie

I really liked my low carb chocolate coconut cookie, but I wanted more coconut flavor out of it so I decided to make a non-chocolate version – and it was a success! It was really tasty and I could really taste the coconut. Also, really easy too and low carb! This recipe makes about 9 large cookies and one cookie is 1g net carbs. Too awesome.

coconut flake – 50g
almond powder – 50g
baking powder – 1 tablespoon
salt – a pinch or two
butter – 2 tablespoons, melt them in a microwave
da vinci sugar free syrup (any kind, I used DaVinci Gourmet Classic Sugar Free Syrup and it was tasty!)
1 egg

Recipe: Mix all the powder ingredients together, pour the melted butter & the syrup and mix well. Lastly, put the egg and mix well. Put them in your toaster oven or normal oven, 350F for 20minutes. I used a toaster oven and it turned out just fine. Too lazy to wait until the oven heats up…

Makes about 9 large cookies and 1 cookie = 1 net carbs.

It’s a bit flaky when just baked but overnight it solidifies and become chewy 🙂

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