Low Carb Curry – what to eat with when you can’t eat rice

Thai Curry and Okara

I love curry. Any kind of curry. Growing up in Japan my mom often cooked Japanese curry for dinner. Japanese curry? It may sound strange but it’s quite different from Indinan or Thai curry. If you haven’t try it, I recommend it very much. In Vancouver, you can try it at restaurants like yoshokuya. Or you can simply make it by using Japanese curry blocks. It’s very simple to make, once you cook the meat and veggies in water (kinda like making stew), you add in the curry blocks.
As a diabetic one problem is these curry blocks are loaded with sugar and starchy ingredients like flour. Apparently, in Japan, they sell low carb versions but I haven’t seen it here. So, I need to resort to making other curry. Thaig Curry Paste, on the other hand, has much lower carb count. Coconut milk is also low in carbs so I make Thai curry quite often. Cooking is simple, you just need to boil meat & vegggies in a chicken broth and then add the coconut milk and Thai curry paste. It’s very tasty with cilantro.
Curry is tasty with rice – but since rice is a no-no for me now, instead I pour my curry sauce on okara. It’s really tasty and the texture is very similar to rice. One another great thing abou okara is that it fills your stomach very quickly, leaving you satisfied.

Thanks to Okara I don’t miss rice that much anymore – for my boyfriend I cooked him brown rice 🙂

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