Low Carb Fudgy Cocoa Brownies

I never had a liking of brownies, but when this brownies recipe from my favourite recipe site showed up on Pinterest I just had to make it…low carb of course! I’ve made Cafedelite’s low carb chocoloate chip cookies before and I was amazed so I knew this brownie was a hit too! Basically, I followed the recipe to a T except for subbing the sugar with Swerve (erythritol sweetener) and flour with almond flour. They turned out delicious (I also didn’t have a square pan so I used my Pyrex pie dish. It turned out ok, except for the non-square shape of course…)!! I really like the way you can make this brownie from what you have in the pantry – cocoa powder, salt, butter, eggs, vanilla, and oil (and almond flour & erythritol, which should be a staple for the lowcarber).

I love Peanut Butter so I made a “Tiger Brownie” version too but I think I prefer the recipe without it.

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