Low Carb Lighter Pork Tenderloin Chop

Inspired by Pioneer Woman’s Lighter Pork Chop. Made it low carb. No Flours.

Pork Chop – I used boneless lean pork tenderloin slices that was on sale. $10 for 6 pieces of the size of pork tenderloin in the picture. Boneless so easier to eat.
Hy’s Seasoning – Or any of your favourite rub’s. Hy’s have MSG s in it but MSG isn’t all that bad, it does make the food tastier…in a bad way.
Lemon – 2-3 wedges.
Pre-washed spinach – 2-3 cups, or as much as you like!
Olive Oil
Black Soy Beans – Wash and drain. These beans have the lowest carb count. Net carb is 1g per 1/2 cup.

Rub pork with your favourite seasoning. Heat olive oil in skillet. Cook 5 min each side until desired temperature on meat thermometer (or, like I do, sacrifice one chop – cut it in middle and check if it’s cooked)
Set the pork aside, and cook the spinach & beans. Once cooked, give a squeeze of lemon wedge (one-two wedges are good for me).  Set on plate and place pork on top.
Squeeze a wedge of lemon juice on pork.


White wine would suit the dish. But I don’t drink anymore (yay!). Sparkling water with lemon juice has equal amount of satisfaction (without the headache and amnesia of alcohol).

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