Low-Carb Sandwich with Wasa Crackers

Low Carb Sandwich with Wasa Crackers

Sandwich is one of the easiest lunch to prepare and to eat. I’m in retail and sometimes when we are short staffed, I can’t take any lunch break. So a sandwich is the best quick bite, because if client walks in while I’m eating lunch it’s not as awkward (or smelly), as say butter chicken. To make a sandwich, for a diabetic like me, need to be a bit prepared. I need to bake low carb bread first, if I don’t have any frozen. This sometimes is a bit cumbersome, and these days since I’ve been extremely L-A-Z-Y I haven’t baked it in a long time. So I took butter chicken one day when we were short staffed (leftover from dinner) and of course, client walks in and says “it smells good in here”… super awkward!!

So my solution to this problem is

Wasa Fibre Rye

the low carb Wasa Fibre Rye crackers. These crackers are about 4g net card per cracker. It’s recommended by the diabetes doctor Dr. Bernstein
. I put some hard cheese, prosciutto, arugula on one side and on the other cracker I spread some butter and cream cheese so the sandwich holds together. It’s important to only spread the cream cheese on one cracker because the sandwich becomes very soggy. By putting hard cheese like havarti or gouda on one side, you have at least one crunchy cracker while the other cracker’s cream cheese works like a glue.

I’ve also been eating one Wasa cracker and butter/cream cheese spread for breakfast with my coffee. It’s been simple and because it’s been so hot here in Vancouver, it has been an easy breakfast to prepare and eat. I’d love to put some peanut butter on too, but I know if I buy a jar I’d be tempted to binge on it. Looks like it works better not to buy it all together – I guess I’m an abstainer like this book by Gretchen Rubin

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