Make Your Own Instant Miso Soup ~ Miso-Dama

As shared in my post last week, Miso soup can be made low-carb by the right ingredients. Healthy & Yummy.
I shared the traditional way of making the broth, but there’s a much easier way to make miso soup, and you can prepare it and freeze it in advance. It’s much cheaper than buying instant miso soup cups you see at stores, which sells at about $3 days a cup!

Here is the Easy / Lazy way of Making authentic Miso Soup (Miso-Dama).

Miso – Dama (Miso Ball) Recipe

1 tablespoon of Miso Paste (non msg, natural, no added flavours) – or about 18g.
1 tablespoon of Bonito Flakes – make the flakes as flaky and powdry as possible (using your hand), like what you see on the bottom-right picture in the above collage.  If you don’t have bonito flakes, you could use instant powder broth – 1g of it
Ingredients of your choice – if you’d like to keep it low carb, you can choose the following:
Dried Seaweed
Green Onions (chopped) – if you’re going to freeze the miso-dama, some people dry it out for a day in the sun after you chop it so it keeps well.
Fried Been curds (aburaage) otherwise called Tofu Puffs – These are delicious, make the miso soup even richer in taste! I usually pour boiling water to get rid of the excess oil and chop it up.  You can also toast it in a toaster, that seems like the popular way to go to get rid of the excess water, if you’re going to freeze the miso ball. It also gives a roasted flavour.

Mix above and roll it up in a ball.  wrap it up in a saran wrap. Or, just put above ingredients in a bowl and add 2/3 to 1 cup boiling water, depending on how strong you’d like it to e.

You can make as much in advance and you can freeze this. If making a soup from the frozen stage, add the miso-dama in boiling hot water and cook it until it completely boils out.

Warm bowl of miso soup is so healthy and delicious, and it’s THE comfort food for me.  I especially find it comforting drinking directly from the Solid Wood Bowl. I prefer it over the lacquered wood bowl.. What are you putting in as ingredients in your miso-soup today?




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