low carb okara bread that's sliceable

Revenge of the Low Carb Okara Bread – Yay Success!

low carb okara bread that's sliceable
low carb okara bread that’s sliceable

So as I wrote in this entry Okara can be used as a main ingredient of a low carb bread. In the last blog I followed a recipe in one of the Japanese low carb book that I bought. Biggest problem is that it doesn’t pull together well, so when I try to slice it it’s very fragile and breaks into pieces. Quite a nuisance because you can’t use it for sandwiches (then, what’s the point of taking time to bake bread???). Even though I constantly watch over my bread machine and use a spatula so that everything is kneaded into one ball, it was wasted effort! I never got to see the bread dough bouncing in the bread machine like you would see in TV. Another problem was that it called for ingredients I didn’t have much on hand, like yogurt. I remembered in the past I did bake a low carb successfully. So I googled more and ended up with this recipe on cookpad (again, it is in Japanese). Unfortunately I couldn’t have any soy flour in my pantry or in the nearby grocery stores, so I used flax meal instead. And…guess what it turned out great! I only had to use a spoon several times to make sure the bread was kneaded properly. It turned into a ginormous ball in no time, and was happily bouncing around inside the bread maker, just like I would have seen on a bread machine commercial.

It was very glutenous and tasty. And I can slice it too – just like normal bread! By then I was dancing around like the dough in the kitchen.

Toasted Okara bread with lots of butter!
Toasted Okara bread with lots of butter!

I toasted it and surprisingly – it tasted really good! I know I’m tooting my own horns but I’ve had a fair share of tasteless low carb bread so…forgive me.

Here is the recipe, again it’s adapted from the cookpad recipe. The only difference is I used flax seed meal instead of using soy flour. Also I had some baking powder premixed with the flax seed meal (leftover from the night before’s low carb scone batch) Now my only wish is to find OKARA in a local grocery store so I don’t have to travel all the way to FUJIYA (that’s a Japanese grocery store in Vancouver).

Ingredients for one loaf
flaxseed meal
gluten flour 160g
okara 160g
cold water 340ml
yeast 10g
butter and/or olive oil 30g
sugar substitute (i used lakanto) 8g
salt 4g

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