roasted tamari walnuts

Roasted Tamari Walnuts (Low Carb and Tasty)

Before becoming diabetic, my very (unhealthy) way to release my stress was to binge eat a bag of doritos or sunchips and wash them down with coke. I can’t do that anymore because it’s totally a life hazard if I do that – I’d have high glucose readings for at least 2 days, even I fast after my binge. Since I became diabetic, I would instead snack on nuts when I get the munchies. These days, my choice of emotionally-binge-eating-low-carb-salty-crunchy stuff is this. Roasted Tamari Almonds are so tasty that sometime I would finish a whole tin of Planter’s Roasted Tamari almonds. Almonds are very good low-carb snacks, but too much of low carbs = high carbs. I tried to ban almonds from my diet and tried to snack on less tasty, more low-carb walnuts instead. The problem is, walnuts aren’t that tasty to me. I’d try roasting them but because they don’t taste as good as almonds, I wouldn’t feel too satisfied. It’s a good thing that I don’t binge on them, but at the same time, it turns me to almonds when I want that salty crunchy cravings.

So I was on a mission to make walnuts more tasty – and I found this recipe on how to make roasted tamari almonds. I got an idea and switched the almonds with walnuts and made roasted tamari walnuts.

I bought the Tamari Soy Sauce from Choices and immediately started roasting the walnuts when I got home.

The result?

roasted tamari walnuts
roasted tamari walnuts

A success! It really reminded me of the Japanese Soy-sauce Flavored Rice Cracker
I used to binge eat with my mom when I was a kid (haha it sounds like we eat our emotions with salty crunchy stuff lol). But it was missing something…yes artificial flavoring! I sprinkled a tiny bit of Japanese Fish Soup Stock Powder
and it tasted more and more like the Japanese rice crackers I adore!

I think it will be interesting if I sprinkle sugar substitute like erythritol too. Maybe it will taste like my also favorite Sweet Soy sauce Japanese rice crackers. I can’t wait to try.

Maybe I can find a way to flavor them like my favorite chips
and doritos

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