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We live in an area of North Vancouver where there’s not much dining option nearby (so less than 5 min drive). We’d have to go to Lonsdale which is a short drive but parking is often hard to find, or traffic is super bad within the Northshore. So we mostly stay in – but recently we found a Japanese restaurant closer to us than going to Lonsdale. AND it’s owned by a real Japanese! It’s Sansho Sushi & Japanese Dining. I accidentally found it when traffic was SUPER bad (it took me an hour to get from one end of North Van to home) and I was stuck on Keith road. I googled “nearby restaurants” when traffic didn’t move an inch in the last 10 minutes. There it was, a Japanese restaurant owned by a Japanese owner with good reviews! Why do I keep repeating that? Well these authentic ones offer dishes that you cannot find at a Japanese restaurant not owned by a non-Japanese.

There aren’t many in town – I can think of Shuraku downtown and Hamaei in Westview, North Vancouver.

So Sansho was tasty and it’s approved by Japanese-me! They had lots of menu that you’d only see at a Japanese-owned Japanese restaurants – like salted mackerel, fried eggplant, chawan-mushi (seafood-egg pudding). I particularly liked the fried oyster & mackerel. Next time I think we’ll try their lunch – they seem to have nice boxes. They also have lots of sake selection, I didn’t try them since I stopped drinking after reading Stop Drinking Now, Allen Carr’s book, You can order a flight of sake (3 brands) for $9.  My husband enjoyed the Japanese beer on tap – I forget but it was Asahi/Kirin or Sapporo.

The google reviews warned us of the slow service, but that night (Saturday night) it was not bad at all.  We got into a packed restaurant, slipped in to one of the last available tables. Since I was aware of the slow-service warning, when the server asked us for our drink order, I was ready to order. And the food came in a reasonable amount of time, and I ordered more. Servers were very nice too.

I ordered a lot of fried stuff that night so I wasn’t too low carb but there are many low carb options like the grilled frish & sashimi.

They seem to have reasonable lunch box specials so my husband and I will surely be back there.

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