Oden - Japanese comfort food

Snow Day = ODEN Day!

Oden - Japanese comfort food
Oden – Japanese comfort food

It snowed for 3 consecutive days in Vancouver, which is quite rare! It was super cold Monday night (the last snow day) so I decided to make some Japanese Comfort Food – ODEN! Oden is a typically made in a Large Japanese Earthenware “DONABE” pot. But that takes a long time to make, it’s kind of like an all-day-thing. If you don’t have DONABE you can alternatively use a pot like the Le Creuset Signature Cast-Iron Pot. Or you can use a Slow Cooker You just put the ingredients and soup base and that’s it! Perfect for a lazylowcarber.
too. But if you’re impatient on top of a lazylowcarber, I defitely recommend using a pressure cooker. You can make a HOT! HOT! ODEN in less than an hour.

Japanese Low Carb ODEN

Daikon (Japanese Radish)
whole Boiled Egg s(make sure you get rid of the shells)
Konnyaku (yam cakes)
Meat – I like putting fatty boneless meat
Tofu products (I like putting fried tofu – you can find them in the Tofu section in most supermarkets these days)
Konbu – Kelp seaweed for the broth
– I like breaking them into small pieces so you get to eat them, too!
Some people like putting sausages but I personally don’t like that…

Fill the pot witht he above ingredients, and fill the pot with lots of water so all the ingredients are covered. Add the soup base condiments below:

Soup Base:
– add to taste , maybe like 5 tablespoons
– soy sauce
– salt to taste
dashi instant powder (Japanese soup base powder)

If you’re a purist omit the dashi powder. The broth should taste good as it is, from the kelp & Meat.

I believe Mirin is used for traditional non-low carb ODENs, but it is quite sugary so I find substituting it with an artificial sugar substitute like erthritol is perfect. My preferred ERYTHRITOL product is Lakanto, the taste is very similar to real sugar.

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