Low Carb A&W uncle burger

The Best Fast Food Joint for LowCarbers – A&W!

Having a quick bite is often a challenge for lowcarbers, especially at a fast food joint. So since I’ve become diabetic I rarely went to fast food places, because it’s so hard to find low carb menu items, other than the wilted salads.  I was pleasantly surprised at McDonalds for breakfast, but I haven’t gotten back there since. It’s really for emergency.

My hubby and I have been very busy renovating our home and we had to stop for a quick bite, in between our reno hardware shopping at stores like Home Depot and RONA.  There’s an A&W burger joint near RONA where we frequent, and because we were both very hungry we decided to stop by.  I took the plunge and ordered a no bun UNCLE BURGER with bacon, and this is what I got:

Low Carb A&W uncle burger
Low Carb A&W uncle burger

I was yet again pleasantly surprised! I was imagining some wilted lettuce sprinkled on a synthetic puny beef patty. Instead I got a juicy 5oz beef burger wrapped with crispy lettuce and a clean paper wrap for ease of eating. It tasted as good as my favourite burger joing Fatburger (which I noticed, I haven’t written about it yet). What’s good about A&W is that you can find it almost anywhere, and it’s franchised more compared to Fatburger. The price was about $7-$8 I believe – I added bacon to it. Uncle burger is 5 oz so it’s a huge burger and I was totally stuffed and satisfied.

My hubby had a poutine – any poutine he eats outside Quebec city is “NOT REAL” according to him, but judging by the way he frequents A&W for a poutine, I’m guessing it’s pretty tasty too! I had a bite and it was yummy. I mean, it’s fries with cheese and gravy, you can’t go too wrong with that.

A&W – a nice fast food option for lazylowcarbers.

***Please note I went to the A&W in North Vancouver. I hope it’s the same quality at all A&W!

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