steak with mushroom sauce and some salad...and wine!

What I cooked after reading Gary Taube’s “Why We Get Fat”

Recently my blood glucose level has been creeping up.  My H1ac level was 5.6% in my last checkup, which means it is around 112 mg/dL.  Since I got diagnosed with diabetes at a level of 9.2mol, by keeping up with my low carb diet following Dr. Bernstein’s advice from his book, I have been able to keep it in the range of 5.6-5.8%.  My goal is to make it in the 4% range, since that is the level of non-diabetics.  To achieve this, I need to keep my blood glucose reading between 4.6mol – 5.6 mol.  Unfortunately due to stress (from work) and eating too much of my yummy low carb desserts my Bayer Usb Blood Glucose Monitoring System tells me that my average BG has been 6.2mol. Not good. To achieve my goal, I decided to stick to a tight low carb diet. I’m quite an obedient person if somebody tells me to stick to something I can follow it.

What helped me go on the wagon again? Reading Gary Taube’s Why We Get Fat.
And reading this book helped, because it simply lists what to eat and how much veggies I’m allowed to eat. Here’s the excerpt.

It makes things so easy! I edited this list to make it simpler for me to follow. For example, I omitted the bouillon soup from the list since I (think) I take enough sodium anyway.

Just keep the total net carbs to < 20g!

1. Eat as much meat, eggs, fish
If it’s processed make sure you check the label and look at the net carb (totatl carb – fibre = net carb)

2. 2 cups of salad greens
If it’s leafy it fits in this category

3. 1 cup of measure uncooked non-starchy veggies

4. 4 ounce cheese, not the processed ones

5. up to 4 tablespoon heavy cream

6. up to 4 tablespoon each of mayo, soy sauce, and lemon juice

7. up to 1/2 avocado

steak with mushroom sauce and some salad...and wine!
steak with mushroom sauce and some salad...and wine!

This is easy to remember, and I think I can follow it. Last night I had some steak and spinach salad, and this morning I had bacon and eggs. I feel very full, and this morning my BG is back to 4.9mol. I haven’t seen it in the 4mol level for a while so it is a good start.  But maybe it’s super excellent because of the wine…(alcohol keeps blood sugar down).

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