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12 March, 2015

Wings Wednesdays! Elephant & Castle

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Wings at Elephants and Castle

Wings at Elephants and Castle

A lot of restaurants seem to have Wings half off on Wednesdays (simple alliteration!) .My girlfriend and I have been frequenting Butcher & Bullock because they have wings that aren’t battered (or just slightly) that are really tasty and only $7 ! Unfortunately they were closed yesterday for renovation so we looked for other pubs – and found Elephant & Castle on Burrard, close to downtown Waterfront Vancouver. They didn’t have “Wings Wednesdays” per se, but since we got a table at 5pm, we were able to get half price for the wings.  To our delight the server confirmed their wings aren’t battered too.  My friend isn’t on a low carb diet, but she likes wings that aren’t battered.  We ordered 4 wings, 2 buffalo style and 2 salt & pepper. They were very good. One thing is though the salt & pepper ones were very salty. My girlfriend was wiping the salt off. They can ease off on the salt.  The blue cheese dip, was really yummy too! A plate of wings are $11, so we had 4 for $22 for the happy hour. I must say it’s a bit pricey if it weren’t for the happy hour – there were only about 6 wings per plate.  If you’re a wine drinker, go on a Wednesday! Instead of “Wings Wednesdays” they have “Wine Wednesdays”. Wine bottle is 1/2 off and glass is a $1 off.

Chicken wings are great low carb dish as long as it’s not battered. The other dish I like from Elephant & Castle that is low carb is Elephant & Castle is The Sirloin Salad, $ 13.5 dollars – it consists of grilled sirloin, mushrooms, grape tomatoes, red onion and crumbled bleu cheese, served with balsamic bleu cheese vinaigrette.

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