google's carb counter

Wow google is awesome for carb counting!

google's carb counter
google’s carb counter – click to enlarge

When I started my low carb diet due to my diabetes, one struggle was to find the net carb content of all the food I would put in my mouth. I bought The NutriBase Complete Book of Food Counts as per my bible’s
suggestion. Now there’s a better version! And it’s FREE! It’s everyone’s best friend, GOOGLE! Just google “Your food name here + carbs” and it will produce the nutritional content. The above screenshot is when I googled “Tomato Carb”. Now, it doesn’t produce the “net carb” content – that’s the total carb – fiber, which is the number of grams that would affect your blood sugar level if you were a diabetic like me. But on the right hand side of the screen, it will produce the nutritional label of the food and net carb is voila, there too.

Wow, so useful…and I would’ve been able to save money, too. I used to think no matter how much information we can get online, paper books are always THE way to learn things. But these days, you can even read the most popular books for free. Take for example, game of thrones – I tried to borrow the first book, A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire) through my local library, but there was a looooong wait list on it. So I googled “read game of thrones online” and it led me to a page where the book is formatted to fit my cell phone. So easy to read, so awesome, and so free. But it does make me wonder…how would artist/novels make money? Then I thought of the great work of art was made out of boredom or just because of pure pleasure by the artist. So no matter what, I think there will always be great arts, and maybe the whole internet, free art is a wonderful thing because people create stuff out of sheer pleasure for themselves and the others. I think Calvin & Hobbes’ artist was trying to say something like that in his commencement speech for his alma mater.

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