Should I try Adobe Creative Cloud?

I was trying out this awesome tutorial by Rype and noticed that my CS3 has lots of limitations – like in Step 10 I can’t adjust the opacity of my gradient. I had encountered this problem a lot, and although you can still adjust the opacity of your gradient by trying various tricks and going […]

Happy Mother’s Day! ~Window art style~

Recent inspiration: I’ve been fascinated by window art. I had the chance to see Magical Murals work their magic on a store window here in Vancouver. Check out their site! And then I started thinking…can I draw something similiar!? I started to research online what tools I need and it appears from tempera is […]

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! 5 images on Dreamstime

Woohoo! Now I have 5 images on dreamstime. I’m so happy. When I first started with this vector art stock site business thing, I kept getting the following rejection: Poor execution, please pay more attention to the details. For illustrations, please look for: poorly traced/auto-traced and scanned images, noise and innacurate texturing on 3D renders, […]