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What, no it's not Wolverine...and no it's not this guy
Inspired by Allen Carr's book Stop Drinking Now. I'm still half way but I lost the desire to drink reading this
Helpful books to help you stop drinking:
My phone says I've shown interest in Meghan Markle and Prince Harry...geez it was just the one article I read!!
Facebook Feature You Don't Want to Have
  If facebook goes buggy it will cause a world war...
It's snowing again today! It's beautiful! Do we really need carbon tax? It's really cold. Is there really global warming?
  We all want financial freedom...or do we? If you are new to Personal Finance, here is the list of
Most of the media predicted a downfall in the stock market if Trump won, but Dow Jones hit all time
I encountered lots of angry old clients when our company's interface got updated. They were quite nasty and verbally violent...
  Cartoon inspired from reading this article about gold price and election.