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Here's the pg2 of my "How to Make Maple Syrup" Cartoon series. Pg. 1 is here. I should consolidate into a
How to Make Maple Syrup - pg 1
I'm back from my vacation in Quebec with lots of maple syrup! Here's the first page of my cartoon series
I'm in Quebec harvesting some maple syrup with my hubby's family! As a travelling cartoonist I brought my Wacom Cintiq
The Apple Cult Cartoon
I must say the newest macbook is stylish and cool! But nothing beats my Wacom Cintiq Companion - for a
Wine Tasting Cartoon
  I love wine tasting. But I'm more like the blonde girl lol. The best wine & cheese tasting I
Vegan & Beef Burger Cartoon
I ? A&W burger family! How amazing would it be to be a part of the Burger Family? Until somebody
Adult Acne
Eek! I keep getting acne under my mouth! It hurts and it really feels like it's a size of a
Dieting Cartoon pg 1
I used to lots of fad diets when I was in high was almost like dieting was my hobby.
A Pug
                  I ? Pugs!! I learned from this buzzfeed post that the
Getting Sick 1
  My relationship with my thermometer. It always crushes my dream to call in sick. I did call in sick