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When Shit Hits the Fan @ Work


But I don’t follow through. Every. Single. Time.
The style of the comic is my favourite comic artist Akiko Higashimura. After graduating from art school, she worked as a telephone operator and she hated it so she started to put every effort to draw comics. And she’s now super successful! She was in her twenties though, now I’m pushing forty. Sigh.

The scene I’m depicting above is from her autobiographical comics, Kaku kaku Shika jika. She starts to draw like crazy and puts all her passion in completing a manga to submit to a publisher. What’s awesome about her is that she completed a 24 page in 3 days and she got a call from the publisher and got close to $900 for the award.

Her book Kakukakushikajika is very motivating, a must read for wanna-be cartoonist!


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