Great tutorial on how to make seamless patterns in…

Since my dreamstime sell is so far a dismal $1.35, I decided to research more on what illustrations sell well on these microstock sites. One thing I noticed is that patterns tend to sell well. So far, the only 2 sales I made has come from this one, which is also a pattern. So I decided to make some patterns. Since mother’s day is coming up, I felt like drawing lots of hearts so I decided to make a seamless pattern of lots of hearts. I first drew this on my WACOM tablet,

rough sketch of my seamless heart pattern
rough sketch of my seamless heart pattern

and then used Adobe Illustrator to vectorize this. I followed this wonderful tutorial by Rype – he makes awesome vectors and offers lots of tips on his site.

Here is the end product! Hope you like it! I just uploaded to dreamstime, hopefully they approve it (=

(ps…yaaay May 11th it got accepted!)

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