Asian Sauces made by White People

Asian Sauces Made by White People

I live in Vancouver with lots of Asian people, so I get to go to really tasty Asian restaurants. But other parts of Canada, especially somewhere remote, if you find an Asian restaurant that uses the “Wonton” font, most likely the flavour is like above chart. The font I used above was created by Da Font Mafia, downloaded from here. I found this article in the Wall Street Journal, about this font being racist. I’m asian, so it’s ok!

I am totally stereotyping here :) White people can cook and enjoy real Asian food (I’m married to one)! Read my favourite food cartoon Relish by Lucy Knisley. You will drool reading this.

  • Alain

    This comic may be relevant to your interests, giving a Canadian’s perspective on living in China:

  • cupcaketoons

    Thanks Alain! I enjoyed the cartoons. I can totally relate to some since I’m from Japan – like the Chinese pizza cartoon. Although Japanese pizza doesn’t have chicken feet on them…and they are quite tasty, despite the fact that some toppings may appear strange to non-Japanese.

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