Shepherd’s Pie Cartoon

Shepherd’s Pie I make is on the top 10 list of things my hubby likes.
Here’s my Shepherd’s Pie recipe.

– Italian Sausage
– minced beef
– mushroom
– red pepper
– onion
– spinach
– tomato sauce
– can of diced tomato
Mashed Potato:
– potato
– whip cream
– oxo chicken broth
– salt and pepper to taste

Cumin Seed (if you like it)
Crushed Pepper (don’t put too much like I do lol!)
– salt & pepper to taste, or Montreal Steak Seasoning would do!

And top it off with…
shredded cheese

Brown the meat and onion. Then add the veggies (I just cut them in small pieces) except for leafy ones like spinach. Arugula is good too. Any leftover veggies would work. Add spice, garlic is good too! Mix the tomato sauce and drained diced tomato can. Make mashed potato. I just boil the potatoes (with skin on) and mash it with a handmixer (I have this Cuisinart Hand Blender
). Put the meaty meat sauce in a deep dish pan, spread the mashed potato, and sprinkle cheese. and broil in oven until cheese is meltin’good!

Yuuuuuuum. It’s easy, it can be frozen, make lots and take it for lunch! You can’t really go wrong with this, I mean, it’s meat, veggies, tomato sauce and cheese, right?

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