The Best Webcomics that You Can Read On the Web for Free

So if you landed in my site and enjoyed my comics, I’m guessing you have a sense of humor similar to mine. I think you will like my favorite comics too. Almost all of them are available online for free.

10th Dimension Boys by cutbu

The first comic on the list is 10th Dimension Boys by Korean cartoonist cutbu. It is the weirdest of all the ones I list here.  Yes, there are lots of fart and shit jokes but they are just too funny.  I believe cutbu is a lady too! She thought it would be funny to make a well going story ending with a strange twist. She really succeeded!

10th Dimension Boys


Dark Side of the Horse by Samson

Clever word-plays and surrealism are abundant in this comic strip by Finnish cartoonist Samson. Lots of coffee jokes I can relate too. Finland has the highest level of coffee consumption per capita.
Dark Side of the Horse by Samson, February 14, 2013 Via @GoComics

ConnieTotheWonnie by Connie Sun

If you’re a single introvert (and Asian) living in a big city you’ll relate a lot to Connie Sun’s beautiful comic strips.
Connie to the Wonnie

Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Andersen

Her comics are the voice of the milennial generation. Lots of cute comics about art, love, and her unique observations on life.

Our Super Adventure by Sarah Graley

A diary comic by Sarah Graley in England. Lots of cute comics about love, cats, and farts (yay! that seems like a common theme among my favorite comics)
Our Super Adventure

Various Comics by Lucy Knisley

If you’re looking for comics on food, she draws the best ones. Her book Relish: My Life in the Kitchen is a masterpiece.  She posts cute comics on her instagram and on her site about her daily life.


I feel like I’m missing out a lot here. I also keep a list of comics I follow on twitter.  There are many Japanese cartoonist I love too that are on this list. I’m always looking for good webcomics that are funny. Please share me yours in the comments below.