Food blog cartoon - scrolling down for actual recipe Food & Cooking

A Man Tried to Cook Something from a Food…

Food blog cartoon - scrolling down for actual recipe
Food blog cartoon – scrolling down for actual recipe

A Man Tried to Cook Something from a Food Blog …and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next!

You have been click-baited. But I’m not the only person who finds it irritating to scroll through food blogs, all the way down, until your index finger hurts bad, to get to the actual recipe.

I don’t want to read through about how it’s October and that makes the blogger seriously think about making cookies and how her aunt Annie made the best cinnamon pumpkin cookies that her kids beg her to make every fall….tears…Just give me the recipe, please! Put it at the top! Right below the title! And you can write your essay below the recipe and I will pretend I read it. And play the violin. And wipe your tears.

How Most Hallmark Lifetime Christmas Movies End Comics & Cartoons

How Most Hallmark/Lifetime Christmas Movies End

I love watching Hallmark/Lifetime movies, but I definitely notice a pattern with their ending. There is usually a workaholic boy or girl from the city who ends up in a small town (or the other way around, small town person in a big city) and falls in love with the small town boy or girl. And the Christmas spirit makes the city person realize love is the most important thing. Huzzah! It is the most beautiful thing…

My husband rolls his eyes when I’m watching these movies. He observes “nothing is happening”. What does he mean? Does he not see all the work the city girl is doing to save the small town boy’s winery from a takeover!? And then the water pipe breaks and they are both soaked!? Oh and look, a mistletoe! It’s more action packed than any Batman movie.

Stock Market and the US Election Uncertainty Business

Election Uncertainty 2020 and Stock Market

It’s November 4th and there’s still no clear winner for the US Presidential Race. Meanwhile different tweets say stock market is up or down whenever there’s a positive or negative outlook for either Trump or Biden. Whether the observation is up or down, it all depends on who the twitter user is supporting.

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Explaining Humor

Explaining humor is a lot like dissecting a frog, you learn a lot in the process, but in the end you kill it”

E.B White (also attributed to Mark Twain)

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