da Vinci Marriage Quote

Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag full of snakes in hope of pulling out an eel.

Leonardo da Vinci



Baka Couple (Bacouple)

Baka-Couple_01 Baka-Couple_02 Baka-Couple_03

In Japanese, we would call this couple Baka (Idiot) Couple, or Bacouple. バカップル。

King Size Bed Cartoon

King Size Bed

King Size Bed Cartoon
King Size Bed Cartoon

Whatever the size, me want Marimekko Bed Sheets!

A Bad Date

Bad Date

A Bad Date

Here’s how you can avoid paying at a date!

Wedding Dress (Minor Difference) Cartoon

Wedding Dress (Minor Difference)

My version of “Minor Difference” series.
The Oatmeal’s minor differences sesries is hilarious! Check out here

Wedding is a big business…