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Luxury Cars Cartoon by cupcaketoons
It's almost the season for Maple Syrup harvesting! My hubby is from Quebec so every year we go back to
Eating Back Home Cartoon
I can't say Like! casually. Love you mom ? I love wooden spoons!
Shopping for Pants Cartoon
In North America, I look for slim-low rise pants. They are usually not too long for short legged people like
Women's Purses
I love free totes. Elegant purses:
King Size Bed Cartoon
Whatever the size, me want Marimekko Bed Sheets!
Artist x Engineer Couple
I am an INFJ, of course... I didn't know there's a book just about INFJ! We are the rarest of
Home & Design Show
At the Home & Design show.  She reminded me of the flight attendant in Meet the Parents.  
Cyberbullying on Twitter
I wanted to teach kids about the danger of cyberspace.
Satoshi Omura Nobel Prize Winner of Medicine (2015)
There's another Japanese Nobel Prize laureate this year :) His story is very inspiring. He invented a medicine that prevented